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School Rules


1. Good Behaviour is encouraged at all times.  No fighting, pushing, scratching, kicking or pulling hair.


2. The School uniform must be worn at all times.


3. All Pupils must walk on the School corridors.


4. In the Interest of Fire Safety, all Pupils should close Doors behind them.


5. All Pupils are encouraged to put rubbish in the rubbish bins provided in the School. Left-

over lunch packaging to be returned home in lunch boxes.


6. All mobile phones or other recording devices must be left at home and not brought into the School.


7. A written note from Parents is needed in the following cases:
a. To explain absence from School on a particular day.
b. If the Pupil is unable to attend swimming.
 c. It is up to the Parents to inform the Class Teacher each time a Pupil is availing of                  Respite.
d. For permission to leave School before School finishing time on a particular day.
e. For permission to be taken out of School by a person other than the Pupils’ Parent                or Guardian (Photo I.D. to be shown).
 f. If a Pupil is not availing of School transport, for any reason, on a particular day.


School Medical Inspection


The H.S.E. carries out a School Medical Inspection during the year.  Consent forms will be issued and parents may attend. 

These examinations include:
Vision Screening offered to:  -    Juniors 1
- Seniors  3/4
- New Admissions
Vaccinations offered to: Booster 4:1 and MMR between the ages of  4 to 6 years
MMR between the ages of 10 and 14 years
      HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer).

Hearing Test:    Offered to New Admissions
School Medicals:   Selective only

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