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Health Promoting Schools Flag


“a health promoting school can be characterised as a school which is constantly strengthening its capacity as a healthy place in which to love, learn and work” (WHO, 1997)


  • We strive at St. Vincent’s school to promote the health and well-being of all pupils through a promotion of healthy eating and regular physical education.

  • Here at St. Vincent’s school we provide a safe and supportive environment for all our pupils.

  • We are striving to achieve the Health Promoting Schools flag and the Active flag this year.  Pupil participation and empowerment is central to improving the health of all stakeholders at the school.

  • We collaborate with parents/guardians regularly advising and encouraging on the importance of well-balanced healthy lifestyle for all pupils both in school and at home.

Benefits of a Health Promoting School

  • Better learning results for pupils.

  • Increased pupil self-esteem

  • School environment is safer and more secure

  • Better understanding of school’s health aims

  • More involvement of parents/guardians

  • Pupils receive better quality education

  • Improved relationships within the school

  • Better use of outside agencies

Who is involved


  • Pupils

  • Health Promoting Schools Committee

  • Parents

  • Staff

  • The HPS Initiative Working group

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