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CURRICULUM – St Vincent’s School.


The curriculum is based on a philosophy and psychology of teaching and learning that incorporates the most advanced educational theory and practice. It accords equal importance to what the child learns and to the process by which he or she learns it. One of its essential features is a recognition of the principle that there are different kinds of learning and that individual children learn in different ways. The curriculum articulates, therefore, not only the content to be learned and the outcomes to be achieved, but a wide range of approaches to learning. The curriculum aims to ensure that children’s experience of school will be such that they will come to value learning and will develop the ability to learn independently.


Most importantly, it aims to enhance the enjoyment of learning and the motivation to learn. The curriculum seeks to satisfy the developmental and educational needs of the children it serves in the context of the contemporary society in which they live. It provides for children’s immediate learning needs and interests, and at the same time prepares them to benefit from further education. It enables children to function effectively in a changing society and to cope successfully with the demands of modern life.


The curriculum is characterised by its breadth and balance. It reflects the many dimensions of human experience, activity and expression, and is directed towards the development of the full potential of every child. Within a clear and structured national framework, it affords flexibility to the school and the teacher in planning the learning experiences that are useful to the individual child at the various stages of his or her development.


• A focus on learning 

• A relevant curriculum

• A broad and balanced curriculum



  • English - Language and Communication

  • Home Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Arts Education
  • Religious Education
  • Physical Education
  • Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (History, Geography, Science)
  • Social, Personal and Health Education
  • Information & Communication Technology

Extra Curricular Activities

• Special Olympics:​

Rhythmic gymnastics
Artistic Gymnastics


• Integration with Mainstream Schools:
Work Experience for Transition & Fifth year pupils from several Post Primary
Schools in Limerick and surrounding areas facilitated in the school. 


• Community Musician:
The Board of Management have sponsored Music sessions for one day a week with the Community Musician.
Lisnagry Association sponsors the music session on Thursday.

• Rooms:
Multi-Sensory room in Main St. Vincent’s Centre: available one day a week.

• Art Therapy:

Art Therapy one day a week for selected pupils

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