Events 2018/19

Sports Day (June 2019)

We had so much fun outdoors completing all the events for our sports day including obstacle course, dunk it, relay races & lots more! We all had a great day!

Daily Mile Challenge (April 2019)


Fun in the playground with hopskotch

Let's get active

15 minutes of physical exercise everyday!

We love to play chase and tag while in the playground

Enjoying a walk through our school gardens


15 minutes of exercise per day!

The slide is a big hit for all the pupils

Golf (March 2019)

Lots of fun was had by all pupils during our Golf workshop this month.

GAA Fun & Run (January to February 2019)

The Senior side of the school had lots of fun over the last two months practicing their GAA skills.

Rugby with Munster Rugby Coaches (November 2018)
GAA Fun & Run (September to October 2018)

Limerick Sports Partnership is running a 12 week programme in the school called ‘GAA Fun & Run’. Pupils in the junior school are presently engaging with this team based activities which encompass a range of skills that are part of GAA games and which were adapted to suit all abilities.!

Tour of Europe (September 2018)

Our school took part in the Tour of Europe from the 22nd of September to 28th of September. Everyone had lots of fun learning about the Country they were travelling to, while getting lots of exercise in the process. Everyone had fun getting there by using the playgrounds and the river/woods/sensory garden walks. Everyone was completing daily laps of the playground to complete the challenge. We were running, walking and moving towards different destinations around Europe!​

Our playground leaders
Walking to France